You reign is a song that was birthed in the place of worship, it tells about the sovereignty, awesomeness and the endless reign of the one whose glory is beyond words can explain. Enjoy a realm of the supernatural in the presence of the one and only true God. Amen

Grace Akanni is a fast rising gospel artiste, singer, songwriter, recording artiste and stage performer who strongly believes that true worship is a tool or a firm cord of relationship with Christ and should be explored by all not just for our many wants, needs, trails, temptations or even problems but because we love him who first loved us and gave himself for us.
The Abuja based gospel singer That was born in Port Harcourt and grew up in Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria. Being a private person the gospel singer’s information is not every where on the web but then she has lead and still leading worship in many circles and still remains relevant in the sphere.
The sensational singer, Grace Akanni grew through the ranks from a conventional choir backup singer to a utility singer and then to a professional singer. These growths has enhanced her God given talent as a worshiper and has also paved way as a result of competence, commitment and consistence overtime as she has been invited to grace many concerts, worship meetings, seminars etc.
She also been used as a start up act in many great programmes for many great music ministers like Pst Nathaniel Bassey, Chris Morgan, Samsong, Solomon Lange, Eben, Asu Ekiye just to mention but a few.
Grace Akanni is known for her passion, strong vocals and unique sound that is characterised with the move of God that releases fresh oil of worship and pure fire that burns through the hearts, lives and even situations of many leaving the atmosphere unusually charged and conducive for salvation, healings, deliverance and a lot of supernatural activities that births the hunger and grows the Yearnings for a relationship with God in the lives of many.
She currently serves at her local church (RCCG, The Life Center) as the leader of the worship team (The Revelation Voices) which is one of Abuja’s finest.
Grace Akanni is currently one of the most gifted, most creative, most skillful and most talented gospel artistes in Nigeria with a band that reflects all shades of professionalism with a strong team spirit.
Unfortunately we were unable to get more fact about this wonderful singer for now but we do believe we will reach u with more update as soon as they are available to us.
You Reign Lyrics by Grace Akanni
Be exalted Jesus
Verse 1.
Let our king be lifted high
High above all else
And all we know
As far as the heaven
Stand above the earth 
So are you exalted jesus
Call: So highly and exalted Jesus
RES: Hmm hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah 
So are you exalted jesus 
So highly and exalted jesus
Res: hmm hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah 
So are you exalted jesus.
You Reign forevermore.
Hallelujah jesus
You said if you be lifted high
You will draw all men to you God 
So we lift you high for the whole world to see and know that you are lord over all God 
So we lift you higher Jesus
All Repeat Verse 1:
Adlib on  chorus:
Yes you are worthy 
Forever more
Take all the glory yeah 
Forever more
Forever more
Forever more 
Forever and ever
Special Part:
You said if you be lifted higher
You will draw all men to you God oh na 
So we lift you high above cancer
High above diabetes 
High above situations 
Yeah we lift you higher God
Be exalted Jesus 
Your Throne is forever God yeah 
Be exalted Jesus 
No one can dethrone you God 
Be exalted Jesus 
Oche ka Oche eh 
Adakole kujudah 
Arugbo ojo
Asheda, aweda, ameda 
I bow before you God 
Sarkin sarakuna 
Sarkin duniya
Mechetona maigirma

(speaking in tongues)

      YOU-REIGN-BY-GRACE-AKANNI - Grace Akanni

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