V.I.C.T.O.R. is a prolific song writer and gospel artist with a deep passion

for the gospel of christ.

He’s life is filled with gratitude for God’s Grace and power upon he’s life.

He has worked with artist like David G, Freke Umoh, Kelvocal,Chris morgan and many more.

He is currently serving as music director at CGMI Abuja bishopric HQ(youth choir)

He’s latest song ‘YOU’ is an expression of he’s gratitude to God for his life.

‘YOU’ is a sound,a sound of gratitude.

It’s a sound that proclaims the goodness of God.

It is a sound that relinguishes all accolades and trophies to God.It is more than a song,It is an expression of gratitude and love from the lips of a son to the heart of he’s Father.

Produced by Tobass Adolphus.


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