Wonder Worker is a revelational song that’s birthed on the platform of intense fellowship with the holy ghost as He manifests His supernatural interventions and wonders in the lives of men..

This new Hit is Sang by the  prolific singer also known as “Your_Hand_Crooner..
This Prayer branded blazing music minister, after the release of his first Hit single titled:
which  is still spreading across nations and blessing lives with testimonies abounding..
 The trail blazer has decided to drop another powerful single titled
#Wonder_Worker is a seasoned song that’s intentionally posed at declaring God’s supernatural power and His capacity to deliver His children from difficult and life threatening challenges ,bringing them into their rest..
#Its tunes,percussions and beats are spiritually arranged for the manifestation of God’s divine power..
I present to you:
Produced by Tobass Adolphus
Wonder working GOD 2x
Miracle maker 2x
Supernatural 2x
Miracle worker 2x
intentional you are 2x
Destiny changer ,destiny keeper..

Come & do what only you can do
Only you can do 2x
Come & change what only you can change
Only you can change 2x
Come & break what only you can break
Only you can break 2x
Come & say what only you can say
Only you can say 2x....

I dedicate my life to you
Your will, your way..
I dedicate my body to you
Your will , your way..
I dedicate my heart to you
Your will, your way..
I dedicate my spirit to you
Your will , your way..

Wonder working GOD 2x
You are to us.                      
Supernatural 2x
You are to us.                       
           .....Repeat come and do.....


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