Zion Yetunde Are takes us on a journey with this spirit-filled brand new single of intimate worship.

Produced by Ibadan based stellar producer Gbade Adetisola…. In ” The Lord’s Prayer ” Yetunde Are combines spiritual mellismatic chant styled rendition with classic native Nigerian tune to deliver this rich masterpiece that feeds the soul, an undeniable perfectly packaged soul food.

 Zion Yetunde Are — The Lord’s Prayer
Zion Yetunde Are Unifies the Saints As We Say The Lord’s Prayer + Download Zion Yetunde Are — The Lord’s Prayer (Prod by Gbade Adetisola)
Yetunde Are sings about the sovereignty of God, backed by an impressive vocal ensemble and with a rich blend of classical instrumentation, there is no doubt that this is a classic tune from the gospel music diva.
Let us all take a moment to say The Lord’s Prayer.
Guys kindly take a moment to download Yetunde Are’s ” The Lord’s Prayer ” below:

Download Zion Yetunde Are — The Lord’s Prayer (Prod by Gbade Adetisola).

      The Lord's Prayer - Zion Yetunde Are


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