Kaunar Allah By Deborah Micah

NOW OUT: Kaunar Allah – Deborah Micah |Mp3 Download| KAUNAR ALLAH is a phrase in Hausa language, from Nigeria, which means God’s love. As the title implies, the beautiful song, written in Hausa, and recorded by Music Minister, Deborah Micah, gives its listeners a deep exposé on God’s unending, relentless love, for Continue Reading

Come And See By Evang. Menim Andrew

Download Come And See By Evang. Menim Andrew,MP3. Come and see the light of the Lord, the glory of the Lord is upon me, come and see the goodness of the Lord, the mrecy of the Lord is upon me. Jesus is the light the light of the world, with his light we shall see and his never fail and whosoever walk Continue Reading