Prayer Worship is an unadulterated deep song of worship to God. The writer expressed how sovereign God’s power is over all other powers.  The actual meaning of the song says ”God swallowed that which came to swallow me. When am at the point of death, God came and delivered me”.

 This is a psalmist kind of worship. The song goes with power. It provokes the Presence of God. Healing and deliverance is sure when you sing the song with passion. It’s a song of Thanksgiving, prayer and worship to God.

1) I lori ihe biara ilo m
Sere agu, dokpuru odum na-aga..a..
(My Heavenly Father, you are so Merciful to me, therefore I will give thanks unto you o Lord among the heathen and sing praises unto your name as the psamist do.
For you have delivered me from the strivings of the people and you made me the head of heathen.
Who am I  o Lord,
A poor maid that you decided to lift high, You divided my red sea and pulled down my Jericho, you called me back when am going astray.
Who am I  that you whipped my tears even when I’ve not started crying, you destroyed my giant and you tear to pieces the lion and the beers confronting my existence)
I lori ihe biara ilo m(*3)
Onye olu amara
Sere agu dokpuru odum na-aga.
( you turned my incredible merss  to credible mercy, my misery into ministry, my denial into designer, my pressure into pleasure with a treasure that can never be measured, my hard labour to divine Favour, Jehovah o God you are the Oracle in my tabernacle for you have converted my obstacles into Miracles without leaving any particules)
Mgbe m no n’olulo onwu
Ibiara soputa m
Okwa gi lori ihe biara ilo m

Sere agu, dokpuru odum na-aga..a..

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