Life can be tiring and it is very easy to get weighed down by the anxiety of everyday living.

But when we are certain that God is the SOURCE OF OUR LIVES, there is hope and assurance that when we look up to him, who is ONISE ARA (Worker of Wonders), He will show up, pull us through and enable us to deal with all unseen forces.
We will then return to give him praise and declare that he deserves all the glory by singing NA BAKA ( I give you).
I give you all the praises and worship for where you have brought me from and for the rest you have given me.
These are the words of Olayinka James, a minister of the gospel in music and words.
Join Olayinka James to celebrate God’s love as he releases these three singles – SOURCE OF MY LIFE, ONISE ARA, and NA BAKA.

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