The quality of any song depends on the sound,lyrics,style and mood implored by an Artist.

Kenny G,a diverse and unique Artist has once again distinguished himself in this powerful worship song titled Kabiesi. A song that gave a mental picture of how  king David worshiped God during his days.

Kabiesi, introduced itself with a toned filled with worship from Kenny G and the second verse eulogizing the Almighty God supremacy with different names that am sure will evoke God’s blessings pouring down like the tongues of fire.

This song features one of the finest gospel music minister in the city of ilorin,by the name AXEL JOE,and it’s the 8th track of the INVINCIBLE GOD ALBUM.

Kabiesi,indeed no one onto this earth can question the kings authority,when the king says yes,no man can say no,he is the great and mighty king,the creator of the universe and the all powerful God.

Listen and remain in the atmosphere of worship as this song drives you to the realm of glory,honour and grace filled in the presence of the Almighty king.

Produced by felix senibi

      kabiesi by kenny G and the perez voices ft Axel Joe - KABIESI ft Axel Joe BY KENNY G AND THE PEREZ VOICES


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