Dara Williams……..I’M FREE

He has set me free, even though  I didn’t  deserve it.

He left His glory for a sinner like me;

He alone is worthy  of my praise.

He who He sets free is free indeed.You can be free too.

He who the Son of man sets free is free indeed.





I’m free I’m free Hallelujah/2x

Jesus set me free Hallelu-u-jah/2x


Verse 1

He came to earth to died for me

He enter the grave to get my right

Right to live and rule

Right to call him ABBA father

I have victory over sin and death

I have victory through redemption

Have found peace in Christ and have found joy in Christ

Hallelujah to the king the one who gave it all for me


Verse 2

He picked me up to be His own

He redeemed my soul now I’m wanted by God

I talk by faith and i walk by grace

Halleluyah to the King the one who gave it up for me


Produced By Aynekeys

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