The Xplicits World Records in Collaboration with Tobass Records Presents:

Faith Beka in “Father You Reign

Produced by Tobass Adolphus .

The Xplicits Gospel Crew is a group of anointed worshipers in Abuja, Nigeria with the motto ” Worship, Our Passion”. Tobass Adolphus is the CEO of Tobass Records a (Music Production Outfit) and the Producer for The Xplicits.

The Xplicits World Records is a record label in which ALL members of The Xplicits thrives to release their singles.
The song ” Father You Reign ” is a song about the sovereign power of God.

He has proved that He is the LORD of Lords and the KING of Kings through great miracles in the past and present. A significant miracle is that He rose Jesus Christ from the grave. Now we can call God ” Father”.

He is willing to do greater miracles in my life and yours. This great God never changes but He can change any situation. So, let us bow our heads at His feet as we worship saying “ FATHER YOU REIGN “.


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