Download Divine Connection By Evang. Menim Andrew,MP3.

Divine connection, is the only solution for greatest and prosperity Jehovah give it to us.
When you seek for Jesus he will answer you, when you seek his face he answer you, o Lord that giveth favour unto you all flesh come, your the God of mordecai, your the God of Esther, you brought Daniel into favour so we ask you to give to us we need you everday, everytime abd and every hour, connection will ask today  because is the only solution for our lifting, is the solution for our prosperity Jehovah give it us.
In addition, for someone to succeed in life he/ she need divine assistance like my bible said in the book of Isaiah 43 vs 4, Esther 2 vs 17, Daniel 1 vs 9, Luke 2 vs 52 and I samuel 2 vs 26.

So therefore, if God lifted you no one can bring you down.

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